Gurkhas: The Forgotten Heroes

Since 1815, the Gurkhas have been an integral part of the British Army, where they have gained a reputation for their bravery, courage and discipline. The term refers to soldiers of Nepalese nationality who are recruited to serve Great Britain, in addition to other armed force regiments across the world such as India, Singapore andContinue reading “Gurkhas: The Forgotten Heroes”

Barcelona is not Spain?

The Catalan issue To the average western reader, Catalonia is a vaguely familiar term for a place either associated with Barcelona and vacations, or to the horrifying images of voters being attacked by riot police. However, for the past couple of years, the issue of Catalonia has been markedly absent. And general public awareness hasContinue reading “Barcelona is not Spain?”

‘The time of the month’ in the Hindu Culture

‘I’m on my period so will I still be able to attend ?’ is a common question amongst Asian women. In the Indian culture it is forbidden to go into a temple and pray to God, touch any religious shrine or holy book when you are on your period. How can a natural biological functionContinue reading “‘The time of the month’ in the Hindu Culture”

“Authentic Inuit Art” in a Neo-Colonial Arctic

PART OF THE “INUIT ART-CRUSTRUCTING THE AUTHENTIC VIEW”SERIES ON ART ATTACHÉ The question of authenticity for what constitutes Inuit Art has been an ongoing issue since its inception in the 1950s. Immediate popularity of the craft resulted in mass production, consequently affecting the quality of the works produced. A multi-million-dollar industry was conceived from theContinue reading ““Authentic Inuit Art” in a Neo-Colonial Arctic”

We’re not as bad as America though?

I usually avoid talking about race, or at least I like to pretend that I do. In reality I get drawn into a debate by every Tom, Dick and Harry, or in my ideal world with every ‘Mohammed, Tyara and Zola’. I am a third generation immigrant who has always lived in the UK andContinue reading “We’re not as bad as America though?”

The Many Faces of Sri Lanka: A Culture of Mask Making

Often regarded as the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’, the island of Sri Lanka has a rich history, both geographically and culturally. Perhaps most renowned for its exports of tea, gemstones and for its cricket, Sri Lanka is a restless little place in which tradition and modernity are in constant conflict.  The heritage of masksContinue reading “The Many Faces of Sri Lanka: A Culture of Mask Making”

HerStory: The American dream that became a child’s nightmare

Deep revelations were unearthed to me in a conversation I had with a young American woman who immigrated to her adopted country when she was three. As she eloquently re-lived her past, I knew I would have to keep her identity a secret. Not because this would implement her in any illegal activity, but becauseContinue reading “HerStory: The American dream that became a child’s nightmare”

A Contradictory Symbol: How the Nazi’s appropriated an ancient symbol.

In the West, the swastika is strongly connected to the atrocities committed under the Third Reich. It has, understandably, become one of the most offensive symbols in the Western world. Yet the Nazi swastika also represents another, less noted issue. Misappropriation. Since the Second World War, the pre-Nazi swastika, which dates back thousands of yearsContinue reading “A Contradictory Symbol: How the Nazi’s appropriated an ancient symbol.”

Revolting Colonies: Irish Women and Anti-Imperialism

The British Empire once spanned all inhabited continents of the world, conquering all but 22 countries. But despite its far flung (and for the most part detrimental) impact on the world, we in Britain remain largely unaware of these histories. Our curriculum fails to pay any significant attention to arguably one of the most importantContinue reading “Revolting Colonies: Irish Women and Anti-Imperialism”

A US Immigrant’s Musings

It has been a transformative time for Americans since the protests which resulted due to the murder of George Floyd. In my nearly two decades of living in the US, this is the first time I am seeing conversations on race span across all ages, ethnicities and political affiliations. What a time to be alive!Continue reading “A US Immigrant’s Musings”