Founder/Editor/ Manager (Sabrina Doshi)

Hi i’m Sabrina. I studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of York and am about to study a Mlitt at the University of St. Andrews. The idea of this website was formulated through my identity as an intersectional feminist and a campaigner for gender and racial equality coupled with my love of learning history, literature and culture. I spend hours researching about diverse history and literature and trying to educate myself of things that wasn’t part of mainstream education. I found it shocking that prominent events that affected my ancestors and my culture and other oppressed, diverse cultures, I hardly knew about. Furthermore, I was shocked prominent songs, nursery rhymes and chants had oppressive origins and were formulated by POC and the origins were white-washed.

I therefore, thought it would be educational and informative to have a platform for differing cultures and histories to be shared so people could expand their knowledge about the less talked about histories and learn about the experiences of minorities. I hope we all can learn more through the differing histories and find out more about the culture and experiences of differing backgrounds.


Beyond the Western Gaze is a platform to diversify education beyond the Western gaze by sharing blog posts on: culturally diverse history, experiences of differing cultures, and the voices of marginalised groups. Consequently, we can expand our education beyond the Western gaze and ensure that history and culture has multiple lens. By sharing differing stories and experiences we can understand the struggles and experiences each other face and learn more than what standardised education and the media teaches us. Through sharing pieces of history close to people’s heart and which they believe everyone should learn and sharing the ways in which the Western gaze has limited our education, we hope we can prevent the white-washing of history and culture and present the history and culture of the world in a more diverse and accurate way.

Central to this website is also the recommendations of a wide array of literature , films and podcasts to educate ourselves further on systematic racism and intersectional feminism and diversify our history education. Listening and sharing alternative histories is a huge step in dismantling a systematic racist and unequal society.

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