Intersectional Feminism

If we aren’t intersectional some of us, the most vulnerable are going to fall through the cracks’. – Kimberle Crenshaw, who first coined the term intersectional feminism.

Intersectional feminism emphasises that all women have varying experiences and suffer differing levels of oppression depending on their race, class, sexuality or disabilities. A feminist fight must be intersectional to be representative of all women, it must aim to fight against racism, homophobia, poverty and ableism so all women can benefit from the feminist fight.

This space in the website has been allocated for the stories, of women of these differing experiences and who face these oppressions. Arguably, marginalised women are the most oppressed in society as for example a non-white woman may face severe disadvantages through sexism in a patriarchal society and within their communities and racism in a racist society.

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