‘The time of the month’ in the Hindu Culture

‘I’m on my period so will I still be able to attend ?’ is a common question amongst Asian women. In the Indian culture it is forbidden to go into a temple and pray to God, touch any religious shrine or holy book when you are on your period. How can a natural biological functionContinue reading “‘The time of the month’ in the Hindu Culture”

We’re not as bad as America though?

I usually avoid talking about race, or at least I like to pretend that I do. In reality I get drawn into a debate by every Tom, Dick and Harry, or in my ideal world with every ‘Mohammed, Tyara and Zola’. I am a third generation immigrant who has always lived in the UK andContinue reading “We’re not as bad as America though?”

Figuring Out ‘Good’ Representation as a South-Asian Writer

When I sat down to write my first novel, I felt a lot of pressure upon my shoulders. As a British-Asian woman, I knew my characters were going to be British-Asian too – I’d decided that before the birth of a single plotline. I yearned to see myself in the pages of a book. ThroughContinue reading “Figuring Out ‘Good’ Representation as a South-Asian Writer”

DON’T TRUST THE: Whitby and the Hesperus

Indian Arrival Day in Guyana, South America is carved into the calendar as May 5, 1838. There is nothing about this date that should be celebrated. The day marks the day that my ancestors landed into a foreign land. They were taken under false pretenses. They were promised a better life, sustainable pay, only toContinue reading “DON’T TRUST THE: Whitby and the Hesperus”