We’re not as bad as America though?

I usually avoid talking about race, or at least I like to pretend that I do. In reality I get drawn into a debate by every Tom, Dick and Harry, or in my ideal world with every ‘Mohammed, Tyara and Zola’. I am a third generation immigrant who has always lived in the UK andContinue reading “We’re not as bad as America though?”

A US Immigrant’s Musings

It has been a transformative time for Americans since the protests which resulted due to the murder of George Floyd. In my nearly two decades of living in the US, this is the first time I am seeing conversations on race span across all ages, ethnicities and political affiliations. What a time to be alive!Continue reading “A US Immigrant’s Musings”

Intersectional Feminism Is Not a Choice, It Is A Necessity

When I first discovered feminism I was livid. How had I managed to go my entire life blissfully unaware of the depths of my own oppression? In fact, prior to my feminist discovery, I wouldn’t have even considered myself oppressed. I was navigating the world blissfully unaware of the misogynistic, patriarchal society we live inContinue reading “Intersectional Feminism Is Not a Choice, It Is A Necessity”

The History of Asian and Black Allyship.

When talking to a fellow member of my University’s Feminist Society about allyship, we noticed that there was a lot of literature about White to Black allyship but a lack of literature about Asian to Black allyship or South Asian allyship. Obviously, White allyship is focused on, for good reason. The fight against racial prejudiceContinue reading “The History of Asian and Black Allyship.”

Racism and Mental health services: Is our NHS failing BAME communities?

Now more than ever we realise that the NHS, our cherished symbol of unity, is as fallible as the patients it exists to treat. Mental health services have long been the casualty of CCG budget cuts and fragmentation under geographic ‘postcode lotteries’, but fundamentally this crisis is one that disproportionately disadvantages patients in the BAMEContinue reading “Racism and Mental health services: Is our NHS failing BAME communities?”