We’re not as bad as America though?

I usually avoid talking about race, or at least I like to pretend that I do. In reality I get drawn into a debate by every Tom, Dick and Harry, or in my ideal world with every ‘Mohammed, Tyara and Zola’. I am a third generation immigrant who has always lived in the UK andContinue reading “We’re not as bad as America though?”

When The Police Bombed A Neighbourhood

‘When we got to the door, they opened fire on us. This was not a plan to simply take Move people into custody. This was a plan to kill off the Move organisation.’ – Ramona Africa. When a small, radical, religious community of African Americans refused to give up their home, the authorities returned hell.Continue reading “When The Police Bombed A Neighbourhood”

The History of Asian and Black Allyship.

When talking to a fellow member of my University’s Feminist Society about allyship, we noticed that there was a lot of literature about White to Black allyship but a lack of literature about Asian to Black allyship or South Asian allyship. Obviously, White allyship is focused on, for good reason. The fight against racial prejudiceContinue reading “The History of Asian and Black Allyship.”