Barcelona is not Spain?

The Catalan issue To the average western reader, Catalonia is a vaguely familiar term for a place either associated with Barcelona and vacations, or to the horrifying images of voters being attacked by riot police. However, for the past couple of years, the issue of Catalonia has been markedly absent. And general public awareness hasContinue reading “Barcelona is not Spain?”

“Authentic Inuit Art” in a Neo-Colonial Arctic

PART OF THE “INUIT ART-CRUSTRUCTING THE AUTHENTIC VIEW”SERIES ON ART ATTACHÉ The question of authenticity for what constitutes Inuit Art has been an ongoing issue since its inception in the 1950s. Immediate popularity of the craft resulted in mass production, consequently affecting the quality of the works produced. A multi-million-dollar industry was conceived from theContinue reading ““Authentic Inuit Art” in a Neo-Colonial Arctic”

A Contradictory Symbol: How the Nazi’s appropriated an ancient symbol.

In the West, the swastika is strongly connected to the atrocities committed under the Third Reich. It has, understandably, become one of the most offensive symbols in the Western world. Yet the Nazi swastika also represents another, less noted issue. Misappropriation. Since the Second World War, the pre-Nazi swastika, which dates back thousands of yearsContinue reading “A Contradictory Symbol: How the Nazi’s appropriated an ancient symbol.”


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