HerStory: The American dream that became a child’s nightmare

Deep revelations were unearthed to me in a conversation I had with a young American woman who immigrated to her adopted country when she was three. As she eloquently re-lived her past, I knew I would have to keep her identity a secret. Not because this would implement her in any illegal activity, but becauseContinue reading “HerStory: The American dream that became a child’s nightmare”

DON’T TRUST THE: Whitby and the Hesperus

Indian Arrival Day in Guyana, South America is carved into the calendar as May 5, 1838. There is nothing about this date that should be celebrated. The day marks the day that my ancestors landed into a foreign land. They were taken under false pretenses. They were promised a better life, sustainable pay, only toContinue reading “DON’T TRUST THE: Whitby and the Hesperus”

Welcome to Britain?

Attitudes to Commonwealth immigration Immigration is a salient issue, it particularly dominated political news in the UK in the lead up to and following the 2016 EU referendum.  In the public debate, the term ‘immigrant’ does not have a specific definition. Maya Goodfellow notes it has become a ‘catch-all term’ as it means different things,Continue reading “Welcome to Britain?”