We’re not as bad as America though?

I usually avoid talking about race, or at least I like to pretend that I do. In reality I get drawn into a debate by every Tom, Dick and Harry, or in my ideal world with every ‘Mohammed, Tyara and Zola’. I am a third generation immigrant who has always lived in the UK andContinue reading “We’re not as bad as America though?”

Racism and Mental health services: Is our NHS failing BAME communities?

Now more than ever we realise that the NHS, our cherished symbol of unity, is as fallible as the patients it exists to treat. Mental health services have long been the casualty of CCG budget cuts and fragmentation under geographic ‘postcode lotteries’, but fundamentally this crisis is one that disproportionately disadvantages patients in the BAMEContinue reading “Racism and Mental health services: Is our NHS failing BAME communities?”

Harriet Tubman’s Rescue Missions

When learning about African American civil rights, the important figures that come to mind are Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. This is perhaps because much of civil rights education is focused on the fight against Jim Crow Laws in the 20th Century. However, a figure that deserves upmost recognition alongside these prominent figures isContinue reading “Harriet Tubman’s Rescue Missions”