Revolting Colonies: Irish Women and Anti-Imperialism

The British Empire once spanned all inhabited continents of the world, conquering all but 22 countries. But despite its far flung (and for the most part detrimental) impact on the world, we in Britain remain largely unaware of these histories. Our curriculum fails to pay any significant attention to arguably one of the most importantContinue reading “Revolting Colonies: Irish Women and Anti-Imperialism”

Intersectional Feminism Is Not a Choice, It Is A Necessity

When I first discovered feminism I was livid. How had I managed to go my entire life blissfully unaware of the depths of my own oppression? In fact, prior to my feminist discovery, I wouldn’t have even considered myself oppressed. I was navigating the world blissfully unaware of the misogynistic, patriarchal society we live inContinue reading “Intersectional Feminism Is Not a Choice, It Is A Necessity”

Harriet Tubman’s Rescue Missions

When learning about African American civil rights, the important figures that come to mind are Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. This is perhaps because much of civil rights education is focused on the fight against Jim Crow Laws in the 20th Century. However, a figure that deserves upmost recognition alongside these prominent figures isContinue reading “Harriet Tubman’s Rescue Missions”