The Oppression of Russia’s Indigenous People

I have recently finished reading Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips. I loved this book, whose chapters each recount the story of a different character set, though most are interlinked somehow. The book is set in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia – an interesting setting. The region is not densely populated; mostContinue reading “The Oppression of Russia’s Indigenous People”

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and the Japanese Annexation of Korea

At the beginning of this year, I read Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Admittedly, I was drawn to the book’s colourful cover (despite the classic adage) and its reputation, without knowing what the book was about. As it turns out, the book is a poignant generational story chronicling a Korean family’s history. The plot coversContinue reading “Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and the Japanese Annexation of Korea”